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Business Introduction

Brief Introduction to CNPC's Manufacturing Business

As one of the six main sectors, CNPC's manufacturing business has grown rapidly with the development of oil and gas exploration and production, especially in the background of market economy for over 30 years after the policy of Reform and Opening Up. Now, CNPC's manufacturing sector, which has formed a basic industrial pattern and strong assurance capability, has become a significant force for building the integrated global energy company.

CNPC has over 20 specialized bureau-level manufacturing companies, providing more than 180 kinds of products in drilling, production, pipe, power, refining, logging and offshore engineering. The research and development of some products have been listed in Project 863 of the state. In 2008, over 150 patented rights have been granted. Some products are manufactured with world-class technologies.Key equipment for exploration and development has been localized and exported in large quantities. The domestic manufacture rate of refining and petrochemical equipment has reached 90% and 50% respectively.

Today, under the leadership of CNPC and guidance of scientific development outlook, we are carrying out the projects of industrial upgrade, technological innovation, quality improvement and basic management to meet the requirements of market and needs of oil and gas business and are improving the systems of operation, information, marketing and regulation. Making efforts in production, project construction, corporate management, HSE and team construction, we are enhancing our competitiveness and capabilities of service and assurance to promote the effective development of manufacturing business and to contribute to build CNPC into an integrated international energy company.