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The twenty-first session of the hardware fair overall activities of the program issued

     A few days ago, the Organizing Committee of the twenty-first China Hardware Fair officially issued the general plan of the twenty-first China Hardware Expo to the relevant departments of the city.

     The China Hardware Exposition jointly supported by the Ministry of Commerce and the Zhejiang Provincial People's government is the largest hardware professional exhibition in China. It was successfully held in the first 20 sessions. The impact of China Hardware Expo in the hardware industry at home and abroad is expanding, more and more widely concerned by the industry and related industries, and gradually play an active role in strengthening the cooperation of the international hardware industry, promoting the exchange of hardware products and promoting the development of the hardware industry.

     It is understood that the Hardware Expo is supported by the Ministry of Commerce and the provincial government. The sponsor is China International Trade Promotion Association, China Business Federation, China Light Industry Federation, China Science and technology finance Promotion Association, and China inventions Association. Jointly organized by the Zhejiang branch of the China International Trade Promotion Council and the Yongkang Municipal People's government. The time is three days in from September 26th to 28th. In accordance with the requirements of warm, open, safe and effective, the Expo will rely on the unique industrial advantages of China's famous hardware city, Zhejiang Yongkang, based on the solid and powerful market foundation of China's science and Technology Hardware City, adhere to the expansion of opening, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between countries and regions, and accelerate hardware products and five The flow of gold production elements promotes the upgrading and structural optimization of hardware manufacturing industry, and promotes the sustained, accelerated and steady development of Yongkang's economy.

    The Expo is divided into four major sections: commodity trading, technology trading, talent exchange and publicity.

    Commodity trading activities. In order to strengthen the promotion of investment promotion, on the basis of consolidating the source of the former 11 expositions, relying mainly on the advantages of the extensive contacts of the host organizations, we should actively utilize the large exhibition fair held in China, strengthen the organizational links of the international exhibitions, and attract more foreign businessmen to participate in the exhibition. Rational use and expansion of the venues, improve commercial facilities, improve the trading environment, elaborate layout, improve the quality of the layout, the reasonable control of the city, the proportion of foreign and foreign enterprise booth, priority care for outside the city and foreign exhibitors, and take into account the city famous hardware products enterprises and high new technology enterprises. We should increase service facilities, strengthen supporting services, strengthen intellectual property rights protection and improve the level of exhibition services. We should constantly adjust, update and expand the collection products of the Yongkang hardware exhibition hall and the International Hardware Exhibition Hall, enhance the display function of the famous museum, further improve the international trade area, and continue to invite international purchasers to participate in the procurement. Set up a special investment attraction and organize a number of projects to attract foreign investment.

    Technology trading activities. We will accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the construction of innovative cities, promote the promotion of production, study and research cooperation and the hardware industry, hold high and new technology projects, invite public bidding for hardware manufacturing technology problems, the sale of new hardware patent products and technology transactions, the transaction of scientific and technological achievements on the Internet, and the service of scientific and technological information.

   Talent exchange activities. We should strengthen the promotion of talent strategy and policy, do a good job in the reform of the talent market and expand the capacity of the talent website, convene a large talent exchange meeting with the relevant departments of higher authorities, research institutions at home and abroad, and colleges and universities to carry out personnel recruitment, intelligence introduction, talent discussion and online exchange activities.

    Propaganda and literary and artistic activities. The first is the news report. To carry out the publicity of Yongkang's image, publish the news report on "upgrading China's hardware industry and building China's famous hardware city" in important media at home and abroad. To carry out the general information of the Expo, in accordance with the progress of the Expo, to be published in important media at all levels in the state, province and city, and propagandize through the portal websites of the various support and host units. The two is advertising, releasing news of the Expo on the professional websites which are more influential both at home and abroad, and setting up large billboards in the important window areas inside and outside the city. The three is to hold press conference and Yongkang hardware promotion conference. Timely organize to the important cities and domestic and foreign hardware products distribution center city to hold the fair news conference Ji Yongkang hardware promotion. The four is to hold the opening ceremony of the twenty-first China Hardware Expo and hold a series of activities such as style, tourism and so on.

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