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High grade home kit

High grade family set kit, widely used in the home industry. Enterprises and institutions to give gifts, easy to carry. The product sub brand portfolio configuration, such as screw using high S2 alloy steel, hardness HRC ~ 58 degrees. Head strong magnetic. The handle is made of TPE double color plastic soft, comfort grip. A wrench, a hammer, and so on. The clamp body uses 55# high carbon steel pearl nickel processing surface rust prevention effect is better, is more beautiful. Using TPR double color soft plastic handle.

Market competition is the basic feature of the market economy. Under the condition of market economy, the enterprises are competing for the better condition of production and marketing and more market resources. Through competition, to achieve the survival of the fittest, and then to achieve the optimal allocation of production factors. We keep up with the pace of market economy to improve the quality of products, and constantly innovate. Strive to produce the perfect product, the configuration of a beautiful knife, giving users a better, more choice! With the further development of enterprises, scientific management mechanism, so that we are more professional, more convenient. The company's products, models and specifications in accordance with the written confirmation, thank you for your support and cooperation!